Literature for Life’s Commitment to Accessibility

The Ontario Government has put in place a phased-in approach in order to make the province fully accessible by 2025. 

Literature for Life is committed to promoting a safe and healthy office environment where all employees can meet the requirements of their job. Our office is in a barrier-free space that allows access to all employees, volunteers and clients with disabilities. Literature for Life’s administrative office is in a building that  has automatic doors, ramp access to the entrance as well as elevator access. Our community partners commit to the same standards of accessibility.

Our staff is trained to serve customers with disabilities and able to modify services in order to meet those needs. Anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies are also in place. In addition, we complete staff training to learn and meet the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR). Our volunteers are aware and respectful of special needs and the organizations that support them.

Learn more about Ontario Public Service Accessibility Plans and Policies

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