Vision, Mission & Values


We envision communities where young moms use the power of reading to achieve social change for themselves and the next generation.


We help marginalized young moms develop a practice of reading in order to access opportunities and achieve economic stability.

Our Values:

At Literature for Life, 

* We value the power of words as a tool for personal agency, self-actualisation and building capacity for teen mothers to become advocates for themselves, their children and more participative contributors within their communities. 

* We value literacy skills as determinants of good mental health, as a major contributor in effective decision-making and critical thinking, with a positive impact on employment opportunities and personal income capacity. 

* We value the right of all children to an education. 

* We value the role of the young mother as her child’s first teacher. 

* We value the young mother as the principal investor in her own future and that of her child/children and as such, we operate as an inclusive community that engages young moms to participate in program evaluation, implementation and in an advisory capacity.

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