Who We Are


“In 2001, I was what mothers don’t want for their daughters; 18, pregnant on welfare and without a high school diploma. After leaving a violent relationship and moving from one seedy apartment to another, I needed to do better by my son. I moved to Massey Centre, a supportive housing program for young moms.

One night, I was invited to a Reading Circle. I went for the cookies and free books. To this day, I am so happy I did. I participated in circles where we read books about phenomenal women we could relate to. These books showed us more of the world so that we could dream bigger.

Some of the best memories during the first years of my son’s life are experiences that took place because of Literature for Life. We read together and he built a collection of books before he could read himself. Literature for Life made me hungry for more and taught me that I deserved it. I went back to school, moved into a career helping students be successful and recently bought my first home.”

-Tanya, Reading Circle Program graduate

Literature for Life’s work is inspired by women like Tanya. Women who possess the capacity to develop and achieve their goals. We understand that the key to actualizing potential is unlocking a passion for learning. We understand that it all begins with a story.

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