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Why Numbers Only Tell Half the Story

Our treasurer and board member, Erik Arnold, on the narrative behind the statistics on books and reading, and why it matters.



Receiving Support on Your Journey

How can your support shape someone else’s journey? Mariane St-Maurice, Director of Brand and Fund Development, noticed a palpable difference in those who had someone in their corner. (Photo by James Arthurs)

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None of These Characters Had a Name Like Mine

Shaira Nanji, Literature for Life Board Member, on Sweet Valley High, her mother, and the importance of being able to relate to the characters in the books we read. (Photo credit: Jeff Young)

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Coming Full Circle

Our Board Member, Alicia Rose, tells us about the things she inherited from her parents, including her love of music, baseball, and discussing books, and how she’s continued that tradition in her own family and through her work at Literature for Life.



Growing Up with Books in the Home

Literature for Life Volunteer, Carolynne Siller, gives us the first in a series of posts on the research she has done for our organization. The first installment looks at the tremendously positive effects of having books in the home.



The Ways We Learn Through Food

Clare Michelle Kenty, lead facilitator of Literature for Life’s Food Literacy Program, “One Pot, Many Stories”, talks about literacy, food, and shares a healthy recipe.



Curious George and the Journey to Freedom

Yvonne Siegel, member of Literature for Life’s Marketing and Communications Team, on curiosity, freedom, and the book that almost wasn’t.




The Magic of Bedtime Stories

Lisa Durante, Literature for Life Volunteer, on the bedtime ritual she shares with her daughters – moments of motherhood that make it all worth it.



Secrets Worth Sharing

Patricia Palma, Literature for Life Social Media Lead, on sharing your burdens and connecting with strangers by sharing secrets.



Books Are More than Escape: Lessons from a Reading Circle

Erica Ruth Kelly, Literature for Life Program Manager/Administrative Assistant and Facilitator, on how a Reading Circle saved her relationship with books.

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Finding Stability in an Unstable World

Literature for Life Volunteer, Rebecca Warren, on coping with uncertain living situations and where to find help.

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Thank You For the MOMents — A Letter Inspired by Our Super Readers

Literature for Life Volunteer, Madelene Lauris, and Our Super Readers, share their MOMents.



Can E-readers Replace Books to a Child? 

Literature for Life Volunteer, Yvonne Siegel, on physical books versus e-readers.



Basic Needs: Housing and Literacy

Literature for Life Volunteer, Rebecca Warren, discusses the connection between literacy and housing.



Finding My Voice, Writing My Story

Literature for Life Director of Brand Development, Mariane St-Maurice, reflects on the teacher that helped her find her voice.



Fiction Propels Imagination

Literature for Life Media Relations Coordinator, Rachel Kellogg, discusses the power of fiction to imagine new realities for one’s self.



My Journey to Reading

Literature for Life Social Media Lead, Patricia Palma, on books, new cultures, and reading.




My Grandmother, the Facilitator

Literature for Life Program Manager and Administrative Assistant, Erica Ruth Kelly, discusses the creation of safe spaces for learning.



My Mother Didn’t Read to Me  

Literature for Life Executive Director, Teneile Warren, discusses parents as children’s first teachers.


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