ScreenShot135The Chalkfarm Files

The Chalkfarm Files came from the imagination of the children in our Chalkfarm reading circle​. The comic book is the superhero holy grail, a place where pictures and words unite to save damsels, puppies and the world.



Inked, a collection of women’s poetry, emerged from our Literature for Life’s Reading Circles at various community locations. In Inked, they share their reflections on everything from motherhood to music, and with courage and honesty.


Womenz Wordz presents a new collection, a coming together of realness, reflection, rant and rave. The wordz whisper, shout, caress and kick, remember and envision, tempt and testify. These wordz can not be silent. From seeds in the mind to the ink of pen tips, to the flowing, roaring rhythm of the lips, these wordz Holla!


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