What We Do


For This Generation and The Next

We use literature to impact both educational and social outcomes for young mothers and their children. Through this work, we help young mothers develop the literacy, life skills and confidence required to be better prepared to complete their education or access additional trainings program, make healthy relationship choices, secure safe housing, and ultimately parent successful children.

What is a Reading Circle?

The Reading Circle is a vehicle through which participants learn to: think critically about books, express their ideas in oral and written forms, and better enjoy their literacy experiences. Reading Circles involve a small group of individuals exploring a text in depth with the assistance of a facilitator or group lead. Reading Circles cut across three areas of development (personal development, literacy and essential skills and community building) and can be implemented in schools (traditional and alternative), community centres and social service locations.

The Reading Circle Framework and Benefits

Our Reading Circle Framework is the basis for the rest of our tremendous programming. Our programs include:

  • For Moms: Women with Words Reading Circles
  • For Kids: Super Readers
  • The Art of the Story
  • One Pot, Many Stories
  • Women with Words Shoe Stories.

Read all about them here.


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