Why we do it

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For This Generation and The Next

Within the social services, shelters, food banks, and drop-ins are critically important for addressing the needs of young single mothers. This demographic is not only widely under-represented and under-served, but are also sometimes held accountable for their situations. We aim to change the conversation through critical ​conversation — for this generation and the next.  We provide opportunities that enable young women to develop the capacity and confidence to re-imagine their lives. We don’t just address basic needs, we engender a sense of possibility. 

* Every year in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), 36% of female youth from low income communities become pregnant.* As a result, their education is often interrupted or terminated, reducing future earning power. 

* Children born to teen moms are 50% more likely to drop out of school.** 

Reading and literacy proficiency improves chances of employment, builds self-confidence and enables discussions and actions that affect the welfare of individuals and their community. 

*Source: Public Health Agency of Canada **Source: Canadian Council on Social Development 

*** Abc Life Literacy

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